When emergency personnel respond to a 911 call in a multi-story building, they lose time and, possibly, lives when they don’t have an exact location for the caller. A new FCC proposal for carriers to provide vertical location data, would make those calls easier, and hopefully save lives.

When someone calls 911 from their smartphone, wireless carriers provide operators with a dispatchable location, which is an approximate address, and in some cases, even an apartment number. The new proposal would require wireless companies, such as AT&T and Verizon, to also provide vertical location data, which would allow emergency personnel to know which floor a person is on in a high-rise building, with a radius of three meters.

The idea has been in discussion for a while, but the FCC held off on making the proposal until testing was completed on a vertical location accuracy metric, according to a news release. The FCC added that it needs wireless carriers on board with the idea, which would “reduce emergency response times and ultimately save lives.” The proposal calls for vertical location data to begin on a phased-in basis by April 2021.

Matthew Gerst, vice president of regulatory affairs for CTIA, …read more

Source:: Fortune.com – Tech


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