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Sampling, or the reuse of snippets of a sound recordings, is a major component of popular music. Since the birth of musique concrète in the 1940s (a style of music based on the splicing and manipulation of tape), musicians have borrowed from each other to create entirely new works.

The process of sampling can be rather difficult, though. Whether you’re taking an old school approach and hacking at your cassettes with a pair of scissors, or using a top of the range drum machine, programming and playing your samples can require an awful lot of background knowledge, both of the software and the techniques you’re using.

So, what if you want to have a go at sampling without the hassle? That’s where Specdrums come in.

What are Specdrums?

Specdrums are a pair of app-enabled rings that let kids create music by tapping their fingertips on different colored surfaces. Created by Sphero (the company behind the BB8 Star Wars bot and the Bolt educational toy), Specdrums debuted at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The rings work in conjunction with the Specdrums Mix app, which features an in-app color-coded keyboard, with each key corresponding to a different musical loop or note …read more

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