Huawei has built its own PC and mobile phone operating systems as a contingency plan should it be barred from using Android, the company has revealed.

Heightened political tensions between the US and China, along with Huawei’s legal difficulties in America, have increased fears that the company might face a similar punishment to the one imposed on rival ZTE last year.

ZTE was found to have violated a previous settlement for violating US trade sanctions against Iran and barred from dealing with US companies.

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Huawei OS

This saw it unable to procure the components necessary for its smartphones and networking equipment and brought into question its ongoing ability to use the Google-developed Android. ZTE virtually shut down for four months and only the intervention of US President Donald Trump ended questions about the firm’s survival.

Given Apple and Google account for virtually the entire smartphone OS market, any barrier to accessing the US market would be a huge blow for Huawei’s ambitions. It is currently the world’s second largest smartphone maker and has the goal of overtaking Samsung next year.

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