It took the 49 deaths captured on video in the New Zealand mosque shooting for Reddit to ban two of its most gruesome subreddits, where people routinely shared videos and images that showed people dying.

The subreddits r/watchpeople die and r/gore were removed on Friday, after people shared copies of a video that had been broadcast by the alleged shooter, as he opened fire on worshippers in two New Zealand mosques on Friday. The Reddit groups shared photos and videos of people in their final moments before death, including a video showing beheadings in Morocco last year.

A message on both subreddits said they were banned for violating Reddit’s content policies, “specifically our policy against glorifying or encouraging violence.”

“We are very clear in our site terms of service that posting content that incites or glorifies violence will get users and communities banned from Reddit,” a Reddit spokesperson told Fortune in an emailed statement. “Subreddits that fail to adhere to those site-wide rules will be banned.”

Reddit has long had an “anything goes” reputation, letting people post whatever they want under the pretense of free speech. In 2017, Reddit changed its content policy to prohibit any posts that …read more

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