Valve Corp.’s Steam has removed more than 100 profiles from the popular gaming-platform that memorialized the suspected gunman in the attacks on two New Zealand mosques that killed 49 people Friday, the gaming-news site Kotaku reported.

Kotaku counted more than 100 profiles that appeared in a matter of hours after the shooting and that “were blatantly offering tribute to the alleged writer behind a white supremacist manifesto that takes responsibility for the New Zealand shooting.” Most of the profiles used the suspected killer’s name and image, including screenshots or GIFs of a Facebook livestream made during the shooting, the site said. Others offered praise for the gunman’s actions.

After Kotaku contacted Valve for a comment, all but a few of the tribute profiles disappeared. Nonetheless, Steam still hosts “hundreds of pages [that] continue to nod toward past mass shooters” in recent shootings in Charleston, Isla Vista, and Parkland, the site said. Many of those pages also include the name and images of the shooters involved in those attacks.

Last year, Valve adopted a policy to “allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling,” saying the policy would help …read more

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