Samsung wants to welcome you into the Fold–but it will cost you $2,000.

Still, the buzz is strong for the company’s new high-priced Galaxy Fold folding smartphone, which goes on sale on April 26. The device, which Samsung unveiled in February, takes aim at conventional flat smartphones, like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s own Galaxy S10.

Samsung has already stopped taking preorders online, saying the demand exceeded its initial supply. But it’s unclear whether that’s much of an accomplishment because the Korean conglomerate didn’t disclose how many Galaxy Folds it manufactured.

Whatever the case, a number of technology news outlets published their generally positive reviews of the Fold on Monday. But the articles also raised new questions about the device

Samsung’s device would be the first foldable smartphone to reach store shelves, shaking up a category that has been largely stagnant on the innovation front for several years. One potential wrinkle with its debut: Google’s Android operating system, as well as third-party apps for the device, have yet to be optimized for a foldable phone.

Still thinking about plunking down for $2,000 Samsung’s experiment? Here’s what you can expect.

What Sets the Galaxy Fold Apart?

When closed, the Galaxy Fold looks like a typical–albeit chunky–smartphone. The …read more

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