Samsung Fold

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is the company’s first smartphone to come with a foldable display, enabling it to seamlessly switch between phone and tablet mode.
Given its large 7.3-inch screen, I found the Fold to be most useful in tablet mode.
Here’s a closer look at how it works and what it’s been like to use it.
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Samsung is just days away from releasing its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, which will start at $1,980 when it hits stores on April 26.

With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is hoping to establish itself as a pioneer in the foldable phone space, a form factor that’s new to many consumers but is quickly catching on among device manufacturers. Following Samsung’s debut of the Galaxy Fold in February, phone makers like Huawei and Xiaomi made announcements about new folding phones of their own.

The Galaxy Fold feels like a tablet first and foremost. Its 7.3-inch inner display is just the right size for reading, watching video, and playing mobile games, while its 4.6-inch front display feels too small for most of these tasks. The phone is powered by a 7-nanometer 64-bit processor and includes 12GB of …read more

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