Are people being taxed intohomelessness or indigence?

Re: “Soda tax bill will improve Californians’ health and cut costs” (Editorial, April 11) and “Californians lose as stores renege on bottle deposits” (Opinion section, April 10):

Is the Merc editorial staff for real? Thursday, you supported increasing the tax on sugary drinks by 2 cents per ounce, and Friday you supported raising recycling fees on beverage containers.

In fact, you guys support practically every proposed increase in taxes and fees — sales tax, gas tax, property tax, income tax, estate tax, car registration fees, license fees, etc.

And yet you constantly rail about the homeless problem and number of indigent people living here. Did you ever stop to think that maybe some of these people are being taxed into homelessness or indigence?

All these taxes hit people with marginal incomes the hardest. And as Victor Davis Hanson points out in his column titled and “California’s top income tax make it US’ cannibal state” (April 12), California has practically the highest tax rates in the nation in practically every category. Furthermore, these taxes rarely end up even going to the specified problems.

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