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Snapchat recently released new AR lenses that let users add traditionally female or male features to their visual appearance.
People have started using the eerily convincing lens to trick friends and strangers into thinking they’re someone else.
Some men have created Tinder profiles for women using their female-appearing filtered faces, and have started to realized the type of messages women often receive on dating apps.
Since debuting the new lens, Snapchat has seen its app downloaded by an estimated seven million new users.
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Snapchat may have found a way to fight its decreasing popularity among teens with a new lens filter that’s getting a lot of attention from users.

The latest AR lenses from Snapchat allows users to change their appearance to include facial features that are traditionally male or female. For the male-appearing lens, that translates to adding a five-o-clock shadow, thicker eyebrows, a widened jawline, and attempt to blur out long hair. With the female-appearing filter, Snapchat adds smoother skin, thicker eyelashes, long hair, and a leaner face and jawline.

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