Scooters at a test-ride event at Seattle City Hall. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Oh, Seattle, are you sure you’re ready to release electric scooters to the masses?

A week after Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said she wants to try a scooter-share pilot program in the city, an ominous warning comes from San Diego, and a GeekWire reader who calls the two-wheeled, dockless transportation option “a nightmare” for that city.

“Riders dump them wherever they want when they are finished riding, usually lying them down on the sidewalks, with no regard for the disabled or elderly pedestrians,” the email in my inbox proclaimed. “And unlike what the scooter companies suggest, the majority of the riders are tourists, underage children, and drunk college kids. Very few riders use the scooters as an alternative to their car; they use them as an alternative to WALKING.”

I had a chance to step on a scooter for brief scoot at City Hall last week, along with a couple City Councilmembers, as scooter-share hopefuls Lime and Bird encouraged the public to let the City know that they want another tool in the last-mile transportation toolbelt.

Going 50 feet and turning back in a carless and people-free plaza hardly …read more

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