Xnor's Oliver Krengel

Xnor engineer Oliver Krengel works with the AI2GO self-serve software platform. (Xnor Photo)

Now you too can put a little AI on your device, even if you’re not up on the ins and outs of artificial intelligence.

The way to do it is with AI2GO, a newly released self-serve software platform from Xnor.ai, a Seattle AI startup. AI2GO comes with a set of ready-to-go applications and deep-learning models that can be selected and downloaded with just a few clicks.

Ali Farhadi, Xnor’s co-founder and CXO (Chief Xnor Officer), told GeekWire that the platform is designed for developers and small companies that want to take advantage of AI tools such as face recognition or object classification without having to start from scratch.

“The problem of deploying AI is getting harder and harder, and it shouldn’t be that way,” Farhadi said.

To deploy AI the easy way, AI2GO starts out by laying out an offering of hardware devices that range from a Raspberry Pi circuit board to Linux or Mac OS X processors. (Android, iOS, nVidia TX2 and Windows 10 are “coming soon.”)

Then you choose the kind of application you’re looking for, whether it’s “detecting a person for a dash cam,” or “identifying a pet …read more

Source:: GeekWire


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