Bethesda took to the E3 stage tonight to unveil the next chapter in the Fallout 76. Despite the rocky launch, Fallout 76 has managed to develop a robust community of Vault Dwellers. The next update for Fallout 76 is called “Wastelanders,” which is described as the biggest content drop to date. Wastelanders will introduce human NPCs for the first time in Fallout 76, along with choice-driven gameplay and new quests.

There will also be dialogue trees, which is another staple of the Fallout experience making its way into Bethesda’s MMO. Free to all Fallout 76 players, this update is set to drop in Fall, but an official release date was not given. Another big surprise was that there will be a free trial coming to Fallout 76 from

The second component of this content drop is a battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter. This will see the Vault Dwellers battling it out to see who can become the new Overseer. While PvP has always been a component of Fallout 76, this is the first time it’s heavily been pushed. It will feature a maximum of 52 players and free to all players.

Unlike other battle royale games, Nuclear Winter will include nukes, building, …read more

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