Zelda BoTW Trailer Reverse

Now that Nintendo has taken over E3 with the exciting announcement that a Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel is in the works, fans are analyzing every angle of that new trailer. It’s a cinematic trailer (not a gameplay trailer) and the audio sounds like it might say something when played in reverse. Does it?

So far, using Kapwing to reverse the video doesn’t reveal much, although it sounds even creepier in reverse.

If the above embed doesn’t work, you can go directly to the reversed trailer on Kapwing here. Here’s the original trailer for comparison:

Some fans have said that the trailer uses the Demise music theme from Skyward Sword played backwards:

But that still doesn’t explain the mysterious chanting in the audio, which sounds like it’s reversed. We’ll look for a better way to reverse the audio to see if it provides any additional clues.

So far, the audio is still hard to decipher even when played backward. But there certainly could be some hidden gems there. We’re reviewing it for more details and will update this story as they are available. If you think you notice something in the reversed video, tweet the …read more

Source:: Heavy.com – Games


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