Facebook is offering to pay people who download a new app that tracks what they do on their phones.

The company on Tuesday announced the new app, called Study, which will collect data about its users. Study will report back to Facebook about the apps that users have on their phones; how much time they spend on those apps; what they do on them, the country they live in, and the type of device they use.

Facebook said it will use the information it collects to help develop its own products.

The rollout of the app comes nearly four months after Facebook faced backlash over paying users of a different app it had created that tracked their app use, private messages, and locations. In some cases, the app reportedly targeted users as young as 13-years old.

Apple responded by banning the app from its app store and revoking certain developer privileges, explaining that Facebook had violated Apple’s policies. Facebook shut down the app for iOS users in January and then later did the same to the Android version.

Facebook promised users of its new Study app that it would be transparent about the information it collects and that the …read more

Source:: Fortune.com – Tech


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