Nintendo announced that the Pokeball Plus can be used with Pokemon Sword & Shield during their E3 Nintendo Direct.

The Pokeball Plus will allow you to bring a Pokemon from Pokemon Sword & Shield onto the device. You’ll be able to earn different rewards for taking a Pokemon on a stroll, although those rewards weren’t specified.

We assume that it will work similarly to how it worked when the device was introduced along with Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu & Eevee. The Pokeball Plus is expected to make sounds based on the cry of your Pokemon and let them level up as you walk. However, unlike with Pokemon Let’s Go, you cannot use the Pokeball Plus as a controller.

The presentation also introduced Nessa, the water-type Gym Leader.

The Pokemon Direct earlier this month introduced a number of new characters, Pokemon and game mechanics. The Dynamax feature lets your Pokemon grow to gigantic sizes and gives them enhanced power and attacks for three turns once per battle. You can also explore wide open areas called Wild Areas and take on Raids with other players.

The Nintendo Treehouse livestream showed that the player can whistle to get the attention of Pokemon in the Wild Area. For …read more

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