Steve Murch at the end of an organized bike ride from Seattle to Vancouver. (Edith Rothenburg Photo).

“You can’t really Google, ‘Which candidates most align with me on transit and zoning tradeoffs?’

So said Steve Murch, a veteran Seattle entrepreneur who has spent the past few weeks trying to come up with a solution to that challenge. His answer is Alignvote, a new site that matches voters with candidates who have similar values.

Over the past few days, Murch has been circulating a questionnaire among candidates running in the November Seattle City Council races. More than 30 have responded. For those who don’t respond, Murch populates the questionnaire with remarks they’ve made at public forums.

Voters who visit fill out the same questionnaire and then the app matches them with the most aligned candidate running in their district.

Murch is starting with the Seattle City Council races but hopes to scale the tool to other elections and possibly other regions as well.

In a blog post, Murch describes himself as “an independent, issues-oriented voter.” But he notes that “Alignvote doesn’t care about my personal political stances.”

“With AlignVote, you as a voter take precisely the same interview that all candidates are offered, …read more

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