If the future of the Samsung Galaxy Fold didn’t look murky enough anyway, another blow has been struck to the foldable phone in the form of a retailer canceling all pre-orders.

AT&T in America, which was offering the handset for $1,980 (roughly £1,560, AU$2,860), has just contacted everyone who placed an order, informing the customers that their pre-orders have been canceled.

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This follows the news in May that all Galaxy Fold pre-orders will be canceled unless the consumer says otherwise – but now, there’s no option to retain the pre-order. AT&T states you’ll be able to place orders on the device again when a release date is in sight, but so far there’s no idea of when this will be.

And this isn’t the first retailer to cancel pre-orders – Best Buy did the same a few weeks earlier.

What’s happening with the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Weeks before the Samsung Galaxy Fold was due to be available to the public, it was given to reviewers – who promptly discovered that the device just kept breaking.

Samsung postponed the release …read more

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