A smartphone camera nowadays can do a fair job when it comes to creating good-looking pictures. But if you want to pursue advanced photography, a DSLR is a better choice to learn the essentials.

Since DSLRs are quite an investment, we suggest you start with a budget DSLR. Polishing your skills on an entry-level DSLR and then switching to a high-end/costly DSLR is usually the preferred path. So, here are some great options under Rs 30,000 that you can start with.

Best camera phones under Rs 20,000 in India for June 2019

The Nikon D3400 succeeds the company’s other beginner-level DSLR – D3300. It is considered as one of the best choices for beginners with easy to use functions and quality results.

It comes with a Guide Mode, which teaches the user the art of clicking great pictures. The camera also delivers accurate colours and fine details with the help of a reliable 24.2 megapixel sensor.

Nikon has added a SnapBridge feature to this camera which allows users to transfer images to their smart devices via a constant Bluetooth Low Energy connection. You can also access the images using this connection even if the camera is switched off. Nikon D3400 is …read more

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