One of IT’s biggest challenges across the enterprise today is getting feedback from employees that is useful and demonstrates how technology deployments are actually going.

Most IT departments send out generic “how are we doing?” surveys via email, and unsurprisingly, they typically receive very few responses. With such a small amount of feedback, it’s impossible to get a view of what is actually going on, making these surveys almost useless. Despite the shortcomings of the majority of surveys, it is critical for IT teams to get a representative sampling of how their deployments are going so they can ensure employees are being empowered, not hindered, by new and existing technologies. There must be a better way to gather the critical feedback that IT teams desperately need to keep their employees’ digital experience high.

I’m not suggesting IT teams should abandon surveys altogether, but they should abandon the traditional way of doing them. To that end, IT teams need to take a more engaging and personalized approach when collecting feedback to get the answers they need. In an enterprise setting, if IT departments adjust their surveys to follow the three key principles below, they will be able to collect a greater amount …read more

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