The end-of-financial-year sales in Australia are here and, as always, there’s a massive list of bargains to check out, and plenty of tech that’s selling for cheap.

During this time, retailers are often trying to get rid of aging stock they’ve accumulated over the year, or trying to reach sales targets. This is good news for the consumer, with substantial discounts available on a range of products – from cars to home appliances and pretty much everything else in between.

It’s also the best time to get your own finances in order. At this time of year, you’ll find plenty of discounted products that are also tax deductible. So not only will you be able to snag a great bargain during Australia’s annual EOFY sales, but also get back in the form of tax returns.

Planning on shopping on Amazon Australia during EOFY? Then save on shipping by signing up for a Prime membership.

While it might be fun to visit brick-and-mortar stores to browse everything on sale, shopping online is more efficient – it can take the weight off your feet, literally, and give you more time and energy to trawl through the numerous online storefronts to find the best …read more

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