Age verification isn’t new: we encounter it daily, whether ticking a box to say that we’re over 13 when signing-up to social media platforms or presenting ID if we’re buying alcohol or opting for the gorier or more risqué choices at a cinema.

Thanks to new regulation, it’s a topic that’s getting attention. In May this year, the Gambling Commission has demanded that online bookmakers beef up their identity and age verification checks while also reducing the time taken to vet each player. Also in May, new industry guidance for online pharmacies mandates that an identity check before supplying certain medicines, particularly those that need monitoring or can be abused. Grabbing the most attention, however, is AgeID—as of the 15th July, the UK government will launch an age-check scheme designed to stop under-18s viewing pornographic websites.

Adult material is a tricky area to regulate. While most people would likely be happy for others to know that they placed the odd bet, and people are used to their medical records being accessed by a number of medical professionals, access to adult material is often something people want to keep very private. Getting this wrong will mean people will want to circumvent rather than …read more

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