The Google Pixel 3 family of handsets are some of the best camera phones we’ve seen, and an upcoming update could make them even better.

According to 9to5Google, the version 6.3 of the Google Camera app on the handsets will see its impressive Night Sight mode featured more prominently within the interface.

To date, Night Sight mode has been available via the ‘More’ panel in the camera app, and a pop-up suggestion which sometimes displays on screen when your Pixel handset detects you’re in very low light.

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It appears that with the new Google Camera update, Night Sight will take the place of Panorama in the main camera interface, with the latter being moved to the ‘More’ panel.

This means Night Sight will be just a single tap away, allowing you to quickly launch the mode.

Snap to the Future

Another feature spotted in the Google Camera 6.3 API is something called ‘McFly’ mode – with the name a nod towards the famous movie, Back to the Future.

According to the findings, the McFly camera mode appears alongside a reference to ‘rewind’ – while not …read more

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