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Fyre Festival was a music festival planned for the Bahams in 2017 that dissolved into chaos and turned into a nightmare scenario for hundreds of attendees.
The event’s promotional video, showing a picturesque island with models and yachts, was used to attract attendees into buying tickets costing up to $12,000.
The place where the promo video was filmed is an island in the Bahamas called Saddleback Cay, and it’s now up for sale for $11.8 million.
Take a look at photos of the up-for-sale Saddleback Cay, Fyre Festival’s intended location, and where the failed event ended up taking place instead.
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Fyre Festival was supposed to be an exclusive music festival in 2017 featuring tons of influencers and partying on sandy beaches, before it descended into chaos and became a catch-all term for failed events.

Much of the hype going into the festival stemmed from the insane promotional blitz the organizers embarked on, getting hundreds of powerful influencers and personalities to post about Fyre Festival. The campaign was accompanied by a two-minute teaser video to announce the festival, showing beautiful models, yacht parties, and bright blue waters — it seemed like all of it …read more

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