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Microsoft is getting in on the hype around the return of Stranger Things, the popular Netflix show that debuted its third season last week.

The Redmond software giant today unveiled a Windows 1.0-inspired app called Windows 1.11 that features classic Paint and Terminal programs and Stranger Things-themed puzzles and content. It’s a nod to the summer of 1985 — the setting for Stranger Things and also the year that Microsoft launched Windows 1.0, a decade after the company got its start.

It’s unclear if Microsoft is paying Netflix or vice versa for the partnership; terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Microsoft put out a series of social media posts over the past week teasing today’s announcement.

Be a part of the computing revolution and get your copy of Windows 1.0 today! pic.twitter.com/VJzgYnfEvB

— Windows (@Windows) July 3, 2019

Happy Fourth from all of us in Redmond! pic.twitter.com/tM443rwm8D

— Windows (@Windows) July 4, 2019

Back in 1985, Microsoft joined a competitive race with the introduction of Windows 1.0. Apple had already introduced its Mac OS and Microsoft was a year and a half late in shipping their response.

Windows 1.0 was basically a skin of MS-DOS, letting users tile, …read more

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