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Analysts and logistics insiders say Amazon’s investments into their own logistics network is priming them to take on UPS and FedEx as delivery providers.
A new report from Goldman Sachs says those estimates are premature, but still “definitely a concern.”
It would cost Amazon $122 billion for the retailer to catch up to UPS and FedEx and their air hubs, their aircraft, delivery vehicles, and other components of their logistics networks.
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Everyone from UBS analysts to Morgan Stanley experts to former Amazon execs has been sounding the alarm about Amazon Logistics, which has quickly built up a fleet of 70 planes, 10,000 vehicles, and access to ocean and rail brokerage in a handful of years.

And, according to those insiders, Amazon is priming itself to launch a third-party logistics service that could edge out UPS and FedEx in the same way the company dominated cloud computing with Amazon Web Services.

“Even Amazon, as big as they are and growing as fast as they are, will not be able to fill up this network on day one,” Morgan Stanley analyst Ravi Shanker previously told Business Insider. “So similar to …read more

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