D'Arcy Carr, Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley has developed an AI-powered chatbot to help its workers sift through the bank’s research.
AskResearch was originally created for internal use by analysts and sales employees, but the bank plans to offer it to clients in early 2020 via a mobile app.
The chatbot is the latest effort by Wall Street to create AI-powered virtual assistants to cut down on menial work for employees and clients.
D’Arcy Carr, global head of research, editorial and publishing at Morgan Stanley, told Business Insider that the chatbot helps find research efficiently and can also uncover new data.
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Wall Street loves to speculate about the drastic ways artificial intelligence could change how it does business, but the main goal of the technology is a simple one: to help people work more efficiently.

Research is one area ripe for automation, given the sheer volume of data that banks produce and how time-consuming internal and external client requests for information can be. Morgan Stanley sees a solution in AskResearch, its AI-powered chatbot.

Since an internal launch last year, the bot has evolved from answering simple questions (“Which analyst covers Apple?”) to more complex ones (“Which stocks did Morgan Stanley …read more

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