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Microsoft has been crushing it lately on wins for its cloud.
On Tuesday, Microsoft announced another enormous victory: A new partnership with cloud software giant ServiceNow. Under the deal, the two companies will integrate their products, and ServiceNow will bring its software onto Microsoft’s cloud.
This follows a string other agreements with companies that have traditionally been Microsoft rivals.
But there’s an even bigger event rolling towards Microsoft’s customers that will force them into salespeople’s arms: Microsoft will be ending support for Windows 7 in a matter of months.
There’s a lot of evidence that Microsoft is gearing up to use that to sell customers on its cloud software package, called Microsoft 365.
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On Tuesday, Microsoft announced yet another enormous partnership for its cloud business.

It signed a deal with ServiceNow that will stitch its cloud software more tightly into Microsoft’s services.

ServiceNow is known for self-help tech support software. But the company’s latest spiel is what it calls “digital workflows,” where companies can automate just about any repetitive task, from employee onboarding to end-of-month reports.

Integrating ServiceNow with Office 365 and Dynamics — Microsoft’s competitor to Salesforce — could create a lot of interesting new …read more

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