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Facebook has developed an AI poker-bot capable of beating world-class human professionals at the game.
It’s a major milestone for AI research, and could revolutionise how the game is played.
Facebook’s researchers are not releasing the code publicly because of its potential “impact.”
It could erode trust in online poker and spark fears that players are playing against superhuman-level AI bots, Facebook believes.
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Poker will never be the same again.

On Thursday, Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University announced that a joint team of researchers have managed to build artificial intelligence-powered software capable of beating some of the world’s best poker professionals in games of six-player no-limit Texas Hold’em poker.

Poker’s complexity, its multiple participants, and the limited information available to players have long made it a major milestone that AI researchers have been working towards. It’s a fiendishly difficult problem to solve, and one that has other real-world applications, from self-driving cars to negotiations.

But now, like Go and Chess, previous goals for AI development, researchers have managed to develop bots that are capable of “superhuman” performance at the game — and like the games before it, the achievement will likely radically transform the game …read more

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