New generations of smartphones cost more, that’s just part of technological progress – but if you’re hoping the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a minor step up in price from the Galaxy Note 9, you might find yourself spitting out your drink in a few seconds.

According to distributors speaking to WinFuture, one model of the Galaxy Note 10 will cost €999 (roughly $1,125, £900, AU$1,600), which is a huge leap from the Galaxy Note 9’s launch price of $719 / £739 / AU$1,199.

Of course the rough conversion won’t be totally accurate, as the phone will launch at slightly different price points in different regions, but hypothetically if it was, you’d therefore be paying $406 / £161 / AU$401 extra for the newer model.

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According to the leak, the €999 price tag is for a 256GB model, so at least you’re getting a lot of storage for your money. The leak also mentions a 512GB memory version of the phone exists, but for now we don’t know what other versions of Note 10 there will …read more

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