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It has mystified scholars for more than a century since a Polish collector acquired the medieval book now known by his name, its parchment pages filled with colorful illustrations of plants, stars and bathing women and elegantly handwritten in an unknown language.

Bay Area researchers this week led by a Foothill College anthropology instructor say they’ve now found the key to translating the Voynich Manuscript‘s cryptic text, a first step they say that will allow medieval language experts to build on their work and unravel the manuscript’s mysteries.

“We’ve now unlocked the door,” said Timothy King, a Foothill instructor who earned a doctorate in anthropological sciences from Stanford University. “We can read it.”

An image from “A Proposal for Reading the Voynich Manuscript” July 2019 by Tim King, Alessandra Andrisani, Bryce Beasley and Julian Condo.(Courtesy of Tim King).

But many others have claimed to have solved the manuscript’s language riddle over the years, most recently a British researcher in May, only to have other scholars dismiss their work. The latest research from King is getting a similar reception.

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