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US President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday that he’s not a fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and wants to regulate them.
This angered Gab, a social media site popular with the far-right, in part because of its relaxed approach to hate-speech on its platform.
Gab said “Bitcoin is free speech money,” and accused Jared Kushner of being behind Trump’s tweet.
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Social media platform Gab, which is popular with the far-right, has come after Donald Trump over his stance on cryptocurrency.

Trump tweeted on Thursday that cryptocurrencies (including Facebook’s upcoming digital currency Libra) are “not money” and should be regulated like traditional banks.

The tweet followed a social media summit at the White House, where the president Trump renewed his accusations of conservative censorship against Facebook and Twitter.

Although he didn’t mention his stance on cryptocurrency at the summit, Trump appeared to foreshadow the attack, saying he was planning a “very important statement.”

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Social media site Gab was quick to voice its discontent. “You are wrong about this. Bitcoin is free speech money,” it tweeted. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are

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