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The Apple Card is now available to iPhone users. You can apply for the card directly from your phone.

From a titanium card design with no card number on it to no fees to almost instant rewards, the card has several unique features.

While the Apple Card has several unique features, many of which involve its integration with the iPhone, when it comes to earning cash back and coverage like purchase protection, several other credit cards have a leg up.

For many people, Apple’s first iPhone changed their idea of what a mobile device could be, instantly making all other phones seem obsolete. Apple has just released its new credit card, and it’s taking the same revolutionary approach, with a titanium card design that doesn’t even include a card number and strong integration with the iPhone.

But the Apple Card is joining a crowded space — there are already plenty of credit cards that earn cash back with no annual fee, not to mention premium rewards cards with perks that can easily get you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in value. So, how does the Apple Card compare to cards from Amex, Citi, and other issuers?

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