Francois Locoh Donou CEO of F5

Francois Locoh-Donou, the CEO of F5 Networks, is leading the company through a tough transition from a hardware-centric to a software-focused enterprise tech powerhouse.
To do this job, he says he is drawing from lessons from his years living under dictatorship in the west African nation of Togo.
Locoh-Donou says he has little tolerance for leaders and executives who rule based on their title or rank. “I have a strong aversion to people who rule by formal authority.”
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Founded in 1996, F5 Networks was named after the most powerful storm category in “Twister,” the disaster film which came out the same year.

The movie’s about people who loved to chase tornadoes, which was what the F5 founders were essentially doing then, riding the wave of the newly-unleashed World Wide Web by selling data center appliances to help businesses manage their Internet traffic. Nowadays, it’s a publicly-traded company valued at some $8 billion.

F5 still helps businesses manage their networks today, though it’s wrestling with a changing market: the appetite for hardware is fast diminishing, as enterprises increasingly outsource their IT infrastructure to the cloud — and those that remain on their own servers are often …read more

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