A Lime scooter and Lime bikes in Seattle (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

Drive, walk, transit, bike, or — scooter?

Free-floating electric scooter-share is the latest mobility option Google Maps will serve up to travelers looking for the best route home. Alphabet and Lime announced a new integration Tuesday that will display available Lime scooters in Android users’ Google Maps app in more than 100 cities.

Among others, the partnership applies to Washington’s three largest cities: Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane, though Seattle does not permit free-floating scooter-share yet as the city works on a pilot program.

When Google Maps users search for directions over a short distance, they’ll see scooters as an option in their biking, walking, and transit tab. Google Maps will display the location and battery range of each available scooter, as well as estimated journey time and ETA if a traveler chooses that route.

Google announced it was partnering with Lime in late 2018. Google Maps already suggests Uber and Lyft rides in addition to other modes of transportation.

The scooter-share industry has ballooned over the past three years, with companies such as Lime and Bird raising billions in venture capital and expanding to hundreds of cities. Mobility …read more

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