One of the biggest frustrations for truck drivers is detention — when they are stuck waiting at warehouses for hours at a time, often unpaid.
Truckers who use Uber Freight are paid for detention, which is a win for truckers who use the freight brokerage tool.
However, Uber Freight now requires drivers to submit several pieces of documentation in order to receive full detention pay. The new policy was announced in July, but truck drivers told Business Insider that the details are still confusing.
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Uber Freight and other app-based trucking tools allow truck drivers to quickly find new jobs, avoid hours of phone calls and faxing, and a slew of other efficiency gains.

And truckers say one of the biggest wins for using an app over a traditional broker is the ability to secure what’s called “detention pay.” Truck drivers spend 2 1/2 hours on average waiting to be loaded or unloaded, but they’re typically not paid for that time. Almost 63% of truck drivers say they wait three hours or more every time they’re at a shipping dock.

All told, truck drivers lose $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion in pay …read more

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