Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. (City of Portland Photo)

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty wants to adopt what could be the most far-reaching ban on facial recognition technology in the country.

Later this month, the city council is expected to evaluate a facial recognition ban proposal which could prevent government agencies from using the identification technology — but that’s not all.

Unlike other city-wide bans that stop at government use, Hardesty supports restrictions that would make the controversial technology off-limits to Portland businesses such as retailers using it to discourage would-be thieves from entering their stores, or corporations using it for employee identification and surveillance.

“The city is interested in regulating the private use of facial recognition technology because of the racial and gender bias and accuracy problems associated with the technology,” Hardesty told GeekWire. “No one should be unjustly harassed by this technology, nor should anyone have to worry about their face being scanned, stored, and sold by companies. I look forward to working with my colleagues on what really is a privacy and civil rights matter.”

Facial recognition technologies employ artificial intelligence to match the faces of real-life people to images in databases. These biometric identification technologies are used by …read more

Source:: GeekWire


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