SAN FRANCISCO — Wildlife officials have confirmed two mountain lion sightings in San Francisco in recent weeks, in Golden Gate Park and in Lake Merced.

Park employees have posted signs warning the public about the sightings at the west end of the park, where a mountain lion was spotted on Tuesday, and near Lake Merced, where one was seen on Aug. 21.

We announced today that officials have confirmed 2 mountain lion sightings in SF since 8/21. We, working w/ @SFACC & @CaliforniaDFW , posted signs at the west end of Golden Gate Park where a mountain lion was spotted on Tuesday/Lake Merced, where the 8/21 sighting was reported.

— SF Rec and Park (@RecParkSF) September 7, 2019

The big cats aren’t unheard of in San Francisco. A mountain lion was tranquilized and captured in a heavily populated area near Glen Canyon Park in 2017, then relocated near the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

“It’s clearly unusual” to see one in the city, said Lynn Cullens, executive director of the nonprofit Mountain Lion Foundation, “but not entirely surprising.”

But mountain lion sightings are more common in suburban areas where development more immediately abuts wild lands. San Mateo County officials closed hiking …read more

Source:: East Bay – Science


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