The Lexus Design Award is an annual contest, a platform for the most dynamic creators and designers to show their ideas to the world. It is open to professionals, students and enthusiasts from across the globe.

If you think you have an idea that can make a positive impact through design, you should apply. Entry to the Lexus Design Award 2020 is open until October 14.

Last year’s winners show what’s possible when creativity and design meet. The USA’s Lisa Marks submitted a 3D modelled and hand-weaved bra for post-mastectomy women.

Australian architect Ben Berwick designed an ingenious origami-inspired blind that uses solar cells to generate power when closed, and actually improve room lighting when open.

The Lexus Design Award is no average contest, because the prize is not simply money, but the chance to receive mentoring from some of the most influential figures in design and technology. And the funding to produce a prototype.

John Maeda is one of the Lexus Design Award 2020 judges. It is in part down to him which projects make it to the prestigious Lexus exhibition of winners during Milan Design Week, and which is chosen as the ultimate Gran Prix winner.

Maeda was highlighted as one …read more

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