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“Ford v Ferrari” director James Mangold talked to Business Insider about the challenges of making a drama (even one set in the race-car world) within the studio system.
The project lingered unmade for years, even with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt attached, because the budget was over $100 million. Mangold explained the ways he got it down to $90 million.
Mangold also explained why he needed to use real race cars, not CGI, to pull off the movie’s thrilling race scenes.
The movie was made by Fox before the studio was bought by Disney, but Mangold said the merger has not affected the movie’s release and that Disney is fully behind it.
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In an era when anything made by the studio system that’s not a superhero movie, or sequel, has everyone involved in cold sweats about its box-office performance, director James Mangold seems quite comfortable.

Sitting relaxed on a couch in a suite at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Toronto, he’s hours away from premiering his latest movie at the Toronto International Film Festival, “Ford v Ferrari,” which is certainly not a sequel or superhero flick. It’s also a movie made by Fox, which has had a …read more

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