The upcoming OnePlus TV might be controllable via Amazon Alexa, taking the smart TV to the next level.

OnePlus has made tall claims about how its TV will be one of the smartest ones around with support for Google Assistant and voice commands. If that wasn’t enough, it seems like the OnePlus TV will support Amazon Alexa as well. The OnePlus TV Alexa Skill has been published on the Amazon Skill store, and also reveals some commands which can be used with the TV.

Some of the listed Alexa Skills commands include:

OnePlus TV remote

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus TV will run on Google’s Android TV OS with its own customizations on top. It’s likely that most of these commands will be applicable to Google Assistant as well. Voice commands are going to be a big part of the OnePlus TV’s user interface. In fact, the TV’s remote has a dedicated Google Assistant button. Chromecast support is also expected to make the cut.

Along with an interesting software package, the OnePlus TV is also going to be strong on the hardware front as well, bringing a 55-inch QLED panel …read more

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