How to Earn VC MyNBA2K20

When NBA 2K fans went to load up 2K20 on September 13, they were met with a massive patch that was actually the size of a full-fledged game.

Shortly after NBA 2K20 released, fans took to Twitter to complain about the various issues plaguing the game, at one point getting the hashtag “#fix2K20” trending on Twitter.

The fans of the yearly basketball franchise are very passionate about their game which is why they got the hashtag trending in the first place.

Now, the developers have deployed their first major patch that is designed to target a lot of criticisms with the game and get things going again in the right direction.

NBA 2K20 received a massive patch. 2K Sports

2K has become notorious with not giving patch notes with their game but this time we do have a decent idea of what was fixed.

Of course, it doesn’t mention every fix but there is still a good amount to unpack here so let’s take a look at what was changed.

Outside of some gameplay improvements, there were a couple of changes that fans will definitely be appreciating here.

The big one is your MyPlayer’s name disappearing has been fixed, but it might require you to start a …read more

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