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Companies are often eager to tout the advanced, artificial-intelligence-based applications they are using —but many organizations are just now starting on their digital-transformation journey.
Often the first step is crafting a cloud strategy. The process can be daunting, but Accenture’s Adam Burden suggests companies start with a project that doesn’t pose a high-level of risk.
Once organizations begin the transition to the cloud, Burden argues it’s important they measure impact with metrics beyond economic gains.
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Most executives at some point or another have probably asked themselves: “Should I migrate my business to the cloud?”

Companies love to tout the machine-learning and artificial-intelligence-based applications they are implementing, but in many cases organizations are just starting on their digital transformation journey. Often, the first step is deciding on a cloud strategy.

“Every business is a digital business. And frankly, every digital business is in the cloud,” Adam Burden, the chief software engineer at consulting firm Accenture, told Business Insider. As Accenture’s clients are transforming, “they’re finding the cloud is really an essential ingredient of making that transition.”

Increasingly, firms are opting for a hybrid model, where some of their information is stored on a

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