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“Gemini Man,” starring Will Smith as a hitman on the run from his younger self, has a story that comes nowhere close its technical achievement.
Director Ang Lee shot the movie at 120 frames per second, which delivers the sharpest picture I’ve ever seen in a movie theater.
But the story is dull and unoriginal.

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The most frustrating thing about watching “Gemini Man” (in theaters Friday) is all the pieces are there for it to be a special film.

You have the blockbuster star in Will Smith, some really impressive action sequences, and director Ang Lee going all-in once more with shooting a movie at 120 frames per second. All those things should equal that “experience” audiences crave at the movie theater. Sadly it’s missing the most important component: a good story.

Maybe it’s because the project has been in development for close to 20 years by countless directors, stars, and studios (it was eventually produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Skydance Media with Paramount releasing it), but there is nothing of substance in “Gemini Man.”

Will Smith plays Henry Brogan, an aging assassin for the government who is smart enough to realize while on …read more

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