Bombsheller, a startup that made graphic leggings for women, was a “proof of concept” for Komposite. (Bombsheller Photo)

Seattle startup Komposite is setting out to change the way we make clothes and has raised $500,000 to get off the ground. The new venture is led by Pablos Holman, an inventor and futurist who believes that modern technology can greatly reduce clothing’s environmental impact.

The fashion industry produces 20 percent of global wastewater and eight percent of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UN. And the U.S. is the largest consumer, importing $121 billion worth of textiles each year.

Komposite founder Pablos Holman. (Komposite Photo)

“When we look at the apparel industry, what we see is a lot of opportunities to do things better,” said Holman. “It turns out that by changing the way that the business works, you can solve a lot of the problems that exist.”

Holman was an early employee at Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin aerospace venture and worked with former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold to help establish the Intellectual Ventures Lab. As a public speaker, Holman has given TED talks ranging from printing food to automation.

Komposite wants to radically rethink how clothing is produced and distributed. …read more

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