Walmart is leading retailers in adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning, but the world’s largest retailer still runs into cultural issues that undermine the push to implement the advanced technology.
The company currently has roughly 1,500 data scientists, according to chief data officer Bill Groves, and is hiring more, including a role to develop voice-activated shopping applications.
Walmart has three core questions that guide all of its AI and machine-learning projects. If the answer to any of them is “no” then the initiative is shelved immediately.
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Walmart is a leader in the push to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning. Still, the world’s largest retailer runs into many of the problems other organizations experience when pursuing the advanced technology.

The company currently employs roughly 1,500 data scientists and 50,000 software engineers throughout the enterprise, according to chief data officer Bill Groves, who directly oversees a smaller staff of 100 tech workers. A Walmart spokesperson did not respond to a request to confirm those numbers.

Those employees help support the over 100,000 different machine learning or AI-based projects the organization currently has in production. Among the applications that Walmart is currently rolling-out are …read more

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