Gemini Man Paramount

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee’s “Gemini Man” was made in such an advanced way no theater in the US can play it in the form he intended.
Lee shot the movie in 120 frames per second, which gives the movie an incredibly sharp look. Ideally, Lee wants the movie shown in theaters at that frame rate, on a 4K projector, and in 3D.
Theaters in the US can’t do all those elements at the same time. The closest is 120 fps, on a 2K projector, in 3D, which is available at 14 theaters.
“At the end of the day you have to ask is a guest willing to pay more for this experience because it’s so cutting edge?” one theater owner offering “Gemini Man” at a high frame rate, who asked to speak anonymously, told Business Insider. “I don’t think it has risen to that level yet.”
There’s also the strain put on the theater of having to show a movie of that size. One source at a theater chain showing “Gemini Man” at a high frame rate told Business Insider the projectionist had to deal with the movie crashing while doing tests.
“But all those things are capable of being overcome assuming that there …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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