A new Microsoft and Nokia partnership will see the two companies combine their respective IT and telecoms technologies into joint products for enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs).

Microsoft has invested billions in cloud platforms and services for businesses, offering dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities through Azure. Meanwhile, Nokia pitches itself as an end-to-end provider of 5G kit with a growing interest in the enterprise market.

Specifically, the partners believe the union will accelerate Digital Transformation initiatives, drive automation, and allow customers to harness the power of Industry 4.0. Targeted verticals include manufacturing, smart cities, transportation, and healthcare.

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Microsoft Nokia partnership

An early example of this work is the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud which combines Azure services with a private 5G-ready cellular network that provides industrial systems with better coverage, greater reliability and more flexibility than a Wi-Fi network.

Other joint efforts include SD-WAN products that improve connections to cloud services, simplify IoT device management, and AI platforms that will allow CSPs to move away from private infrastructure to adopt Azure.

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