If you want to see how the public’s perception of tech
companies has changed in recent years, you only need watch HBO’s Silicon Valley.

“The show came out a couple of years after the Social Network movie and, at the time, tech was on a big high,” explained Stanford fellow and lecturer Jonathan Dotan, who is also a producer on Silicon Valley, over dinner at Fortune‘s Global Tech Forum in Guangzhou on Thursday. “For us, in just researching the show, a chance to sit down with the founders of these major tech companies was like sitting with celebrities.”

The comedy, now entering its sixth season, follows the trials and tribulations of a young Silicon Valley entrepreneur struggling to establish his own company, Pied Piper. Besides being praised for its humor, the show is also admired for how accurately it portrays the bizarre excess of the Valley’s tech elite.

In one sub-plot, for instance, a character in the show is revealed to be self-medicating with blood transfusions from a younger man. That story, Dotan said, is based on a real-life silicon Valley start-up, which offers such a service.

“Our ability to portray those stories authentically meant we could be a lot funnier …read more

Source:: Fortune.com – Tech


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