Need a retro gaming fix? The Sega Genesis Mini dropped in price to just $49, after a nifty $30 price cut that landed just in time for Black Friday. That low, low price is still going, even if the close of Black Friday weekend – and arrival of the Cyber Monday deals – could see it jump back to RRP in the coming day or so.

The price briefly went as low as $45, but is still sitting at a highly affordable level. Not in the US? Check out some global prices on retro consoles at the end of this article.

In a market that’s now seen several mini versions of classic consoles – like the NES Classic, SNES Mini, or PlayStation Classic – the Sega Genesis Mini still sits heads and shoulders above the rest. That’s partially due to the quality of the games available (Sonic the Hedgehog! Golden Axe!) but also the quantity, packing in 40 pre-installed games instead of the mere 20 of other competitors.

You can see the full games list in our Sega Genesis Mini review – where we gave a glowing five stars – or keep an eye on the best …read more

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