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You can turn off sleep mode on Windows 10 if you don’t want your computer screen to go dark after a few minutes.
Sleep mode is often helpful for conserving battery without fully shutting your computer down, but it may be annoying if you’re watching a movie or giving a long presentation.
Here’s how to turn off sleep mode on Windows 10, or adjust the time it takes for it to turn on.
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Automatic sleep mode can often be very useful in helping you conserve battery life when you walk away from your computer and forget to turn it off.

It’s also great if you want to briefly leave your computer, but aren’t ready to close all your programs and shut everything down.

However, sometimes automatic sleep mode on your computer can be annoying and get in the way — like, for example, if you’re trying to watch a movie, or give a long presentation.

You may not always want the screen going dark on you after a few minutes.

If so, here’s how to turn off sleep mode on Windows 10.

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